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Cloud re:Cap — February 7, 2020

Cloud re:Cap — week ending February 7, 2020. An aggregated brief rundown of engaging Amazon Web Services (AWS) content, as always, I encourage you to Learn and Be Curious and Dive Deep into AWS.

Blog Post of the Week:

The Amazon Polly team has built a voice for KFC Canada in a Southern US English accent for the iconic Colonel Sanders to voice KFC’s latest Alexa skill. The voice-activated skill available through any Alexa-enabled Amazon device allows KFC lovers in Canada to chat all things chicken with Colonel Sanders himself, including re-ordering their favorite KFC. Listen to the following voice sample for KFC Canada.


Learn about forecasting principles and challenges, and how Amazon Forecast can help solve real-world forecasting problems.


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Based on the AWS Essentials Course, AWSome Day is ideal for IT managers, business leaders, system engineers, system administrators, developers and architects who are eager to learn more about cloud computing and how to get started on the AWS Cloud. Register Here.

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This is My Architecture:

Reinforcement learning (RL) has traditionally had a high barrier to entry within the industry. In this episode, we explore what happens under the hood while highlighting how AWS has democratized RL through the AWS DeepRacer service. Dr. Sahika Genc takes us through the interaction of the underlying core services of Amazon SageMaker and AWS RoboMaker as well as the algorithm and neural network architecture used by the agent while building the most optimized policy network through its feedback and experiences in simulation. We also touch on addressing one of the biggest challenges within the industry referred to as the reality gap and how the open sourced Amazon SageMaker sample notebook can be modified to create a good model.

Week in Review Catchall:

Find out how Amazon IT has rolled out WorkSpaces to more than 25,000 employees supported by just two Amazon engineers, which will lead to an expected annual savings of more than $17M.

Accelerate Your IoT Project

Getting IoT projects off the ground can be a challenge. AWS IoT enables AWS customers to uncover the art of the possible and realize business outcomes by accelerating their IoT projects.

“There are two kinds of companies: Those that work to try to charge more and those that work to charge less. We will be the second.”

— Jeff Bezos

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